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Wellbeing Support

Here are some links and information from mental health consultants regarding the coronavirus that you might find useful.


Some tips for parents/kids about the corona virus

1.       Turn off the media – parents need to be the source of information about COVID-19 for children. Exposure to the 24/7 news cycle, distressing information about death tolls etc can be overwhelming for children

2.       Model resilience – end each discussion about COVID-19 with an action, an example of what you CAN do. Don’t leave children with a feeling of helplessness, despair or panic.

3.       Stick with no more than 3 key messages for your child, for example:

“Most people will be OK”, “we’ll get through this”

“What we can do is wash our hands frequently whenever we come in from outside, before we eat, when we touch our face. We can keep a safe distance from others “

Choose one more key message you wish to share with your child.

Answering Kids’ Coronavirus Questions

What is the coronavirus? Can I have play dates and birthday parties? Can we help? The kids have questions. This article from The Age gathers up  the questions and answers them in a way the young ones will understand. The article is illustrated by children.                                                                                                                                           


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